Internet Download Manager IDM 6.15 Full & Final with Crack

Internet Download Manager IDM 6.15 This is the latest version of  IDM 6.15.7. Internet Download Manager  IDM  is a software to increase download speed, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery, will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections resume capability , network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power cut. Simple graphical user interface makes IDMuser friendly and easy to use.

Trick to View Large Size Profile Pics of Locked Profiles On Facebook.

Hey Guys, Many Times We Come Across Some Profiles On Facebook That Dont Allow Us To view Thier Profile Pics in Large size, This is because They have done Some Privacy Setting In thier Profile which Dont Allow Others to View Their Profile Pics In large size, all we see is shrinked Image. Today I

Google Search Tips and Tricks

Well let me tell You what actually google tricks mean. Google tricks/google tips, does not mean hacking google, Using the below Google operators, we can get the desired google result very quickly. Well we can name this as hidden google secrets or Advanced google searching.                              .                                                                 

What are Captchas?

“Because we care, we’re security aware” Whenever we create an account on any website or comment on any blog we see scrambled words which we have to type and continue these are CAPTCHAs .What are CAPTCHAs and what they do? It stands for Completely Automated Public Turing-test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.These tries to test

How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts Login in Google Chrome

Hello all friends today i am going to show you how can you multiple facebook accounts login in Google chrome you already know that we have many facebook profile to access  but we can not able to use in a single browser.we have mainly usa a single brwoser for all purposes.ifyou are a regulare user of

How To Download Facebook Albums Easily

today i am going to share a latest facebook trick with you . which trick help you download anyfacebook albums easily of your friend . Follow Steps For Do This –   1. First you follow this website  2.  Now You Click on Login with facebook button . 3. Request For Permission on This Website By

How to unlink facebook from gmail account to stop mails

Always i`ll get notification mails in my gmail account which is connected from facebook, I dont want these mails. To overcome this problem Follow Simple Steps: Go to Your Facebook home page. Then click on Account setting. then click on Notification setting. then click on Email.  Then click on “Only nottification abbout your account ,

How to run Firefox inside Firefox.?

Yup you can run Firefox inside firefox just by typing following url. How about Opening Firefox inside Firefox which is again in another Firefox..? Not bad huh? And its really easy too just type in this url in Firefox’s address bar and there you go! Firefox inside Firefox! copy paste following url in a web

Posting Facebook Status Upside Down

In this tutorial i will share with you simple facebook status trick. If you want to postsomething creative or something cool as your facebook status then this trick will let you post any facebook status upside down. Basically this is a website which allows you to flip your text. so lets dive into it. How To Do ? First GoTo FlipText Website by Clicking

250+ Tech books online

1 10 minute guide to lotus notes mail 4.5 2 10 minute guide to Microsoft exchange 5.0 3 10 minute guide to outlook 97 4 10 minute guide to schedule+ for windows 95 5 ActiveX programming unleashed 6 ActiveX programming unleashed 7 Advanced perl programming 8 Advanced PL/SQL