How to Format unformatable USB Flash Drive Using MS-DOS

Hey Friends today we will see how to format usb flash drive using MS-DOS.manny times we need to format our usb drives, people find it difficult so today reading this article you will be able to format you usb very easily,lets see the steps. 1) Click Start > Run… and type cmd in the box

How to use Pen-Drive as RAM Memory ?

We use USB to transfer the data’s. The USB can be used asRAM. Let’s start with windows vista; those who use pc’s can use their USBdrives to increase the performances of their computer. This is called ReadyBoost. Ready Boost deal with free spacethat is on your USB drives, such as RAM. When we increase RAM

How to remove “Write Protection” on your Pen-Drive

When we copy the data or files from Pen-drive to PC, sometimes an error message will be shown as “Cannot copy files and folders, drive is Write protected. Remove right protection or use another disk”. Even if we try to copy it many times, we won’t be able to copy. And also if we try

Install Window 7 through USB or PENDRIVE

Now to make this bootable USB memory stick (Window 7 install) you will need at least one Windows 7 DVD 32bit or 64bit depending on what version you want to install and a blank 4gb USB or PENDRIVE. 1. Insert the Windows 7 DVD into your computer and the USB or PENDRIVE into your computer. 2. Open

How to check your Pen-Drive is Original or Fake

Nowadays we can buy Flash drive at low price. We can buy 32GB flash drive for only 10 $. Mostly these are fake drives. Now flash drives also manufactured as fake and its it’s look like original one.  These type flash drives are mostly imported from China. They are using some small programs to show 4GB pen

Lock your PC with Pen-Drive

We can lock Laptops with Finger print reader, Eye Scanner, Face Recognition etc.. but what about the personal computers? You can lock your personal computer with USB by using Predator. If you lock your PC with Predator, computer will work only when the USB in plugged in. If you removed USB from computer , Mouse

How to Block USB Ports in Windows

Today in the modern world USB devices are very common among computer users. Nowadays the USB device has become the greater special quality in saving the important files and all other documents. It’s very commonin the world because of it’s a movable and large disk space produced. Either we are using apersonal computer or laptop in

Password Protection to USB Drive without using Software

Today I’m gonna talk about USB Drives. I’ll show you a simple trick to lock your USB drive without using any 3rd party software. Most of the people doesn’t like other people checking their personal files and folder on USB, including me. This insecure situation creates a huge space to theft our personal data by someone. If you use

How to Format USB Pen Drives Using Command Prompt to Delete Viruses Permanently

  When you’re using a pen drive to transfer data between PCs, the common problem is viruses. You might format your pen drive many times because of viruses. Some kind of viruses never get delete by normal formatting. Are you disappointed of the result that you get after formatting your pen drive and still find viruses in it? Here I’ll give you a solution

How to Recover Hidden Files From Virus Infected USB Pendrive without any Software

We are using USB pen drives for data transfer between computers. It’s very important to keep your data always with you. When you’re using pen drives, the biggest problem is Viruses. Mostly pen drives doesn’t consist any security measures. So viruses and malwares can attack our pen drive easily. If virus attacks your pen drive, it hides