How to Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3 Format Without Any Software

YouTube allows us to download videos in many format such as MP4, FLV, 3GP etc… and if you want to download a video file in a MP3 format, what you will do? Most of you, download the particular video file to computer and start convert it into MP3 format by using any of converter software. When we see this in practical, it’s a little difficult task. So here I’ll

How To Boost YouTube Buffering Speed Without Software

we will see how to Boost youtubebufferring speed without using any software. This trick will help you to get rid of wasting time in buffering. People with Slow internet connection mostly face this problem, for those, reading this article will help them for sure. So lets get started. Step 1: Type “System.ini” in Run. press ok. Step 2: A new