How to Download Desired Torrent file with IDM! [High Speed]

Downlaod Desired (preferred) Bit-torrent computer file with IDM!! [High Speed] Steps to Follow: a) First of all , you have to download the torrent file with the extension .torrent which you wish to download…! b). Then open up the browser page and go to and post the torrent computer file that you have just downloaded and click

How to Take Screenshot of any Websites Without any Software

There are lots of free software and online services available to take screenshot of any websites. Due to educational need or some other reasons you might want to take screenshot of websites. So you may have installed some website capture software in your PC like DuckLink, WebKut or Web SnapShot to complete your task. To do these kind of simple works, if you install a software on your

Top 7 Websites to Learn English Online for Free

  “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way”  As above described quote, learning English has became an important thing in today’s life style. There are many ways available to improve your English Grammar and Vocabulary skills. Such as go to a private class, follow a diploma English course or online courses blah bla….

How to Check Whether a Website is Up or Down?

Today’s post is about active websites and dead websites. We can divide websites into two types, first one is active websites and the second is dead websites. So lets see how to check whether a website is up or down.   How to check? Go to DownForEveryoneOrJustMe Now just type the web address in the search box which you want to check. After

How to Get Google Search Results from Not yet Visited Websites

Here is a cool tip about Google search. We are using google search engine to promote our every problems related to PC and some other general things. I can simply describe this as follows “Google has answers for everything”. So let’s see one of google search secret. It’s how to get Google search result from not yet visited websites. This trick will

Top 3 Free Online Tools to Check Website Loading Time

Here today I’m gonna write a post for bloggers. If you have a website or blog, you have to concentrate on many thing to keep your valuable readers. In this list one of the most important thing is page load time. If your blog/website takes more time to load the page, definitely you will lose huge number

Best 5 Tools to Check your Internet Speed

Do you know the speed of your internet connection? Nowadays internet is our part of life, Every homes has internet connection. do you agree these lines? We are using internet for many reasons such as download movies, videos, software and much more. But when your out and you wanted download a movie, video file or a software

How to Speedup Internet with Top 10 Public DNS Servers

Hi guys, Today let’s see about another working internet speedup trick. There are many tips and tricks available to speedup the internet connection. Already we have discussed many tricks to speedup internet connection. Today we will see how to speedup internet connection with top 10 high speed DNS servers. Nowadays DNS servers have become a most important part in

How to Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3 Format Without Any Software

YouTube allows us to download videos in many format such as MP4, FLV, 3GP etc… and if you want to download a video file in a MP3 format, what you will do? Most of you, download the particular video file to computer and start convert it into MP3 format by using any of converter software. When we see this in practical, it’s a little difficult task. So here I’ll

How To Boost YouTube Buffering Speed Without Software

we will see how to Boost youtubebufferring speed without using any software. This trick will help you to get rid of wasting time in buffering. People with Slow internet connection mostly face this problem, for those, reading this article will help them for sure. So lets get started. Step 1: Type “System.ini” in Run. press ok. Step 2: A new