Best 5 Tools to Check your Internet Speed

Do you know the speed of your internet connection?
Nowadays internet is our part of life, Every homes has internet connection. do you agree these lines? We are using internet for many reasons such as download movies, videos, software and much more. But when your out and you wanted download a movie, video file or a software from some other computer, you should know the internet speed before downloading anything. Because download time is under internet connections speed. This will save your valuable time.

Best 5 Tools to Check your Internet Speed

So here I’ll give you some websites to check your Internet speed.

01. SpeakEasy  

This also a one of famous tool, but you need to choose a perticular server to check internet speed.
This site is similer to Speedtest, but litle less functionality when compare to Speedtest.

03. SpeedTest 

This is one of the most popular tools which used by many people around the world.
Best 5 Tools to Check your Internet Speed
You can test downloading and uploading speed.


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