How to Send Password Protected E-mails

Most of us use Email-service to send data and files to our friends. If we want to send some confidential information to someone such as Bank detail, Credit card numbers, we use E-Mail services. It may not be secure to send directly without any encryption or password protection. This insecure situation gives a big chance

How To Hack Saved Password In Firefox ?

 In this post i will share with you guys how to view saved password in Mozilla Firefox web browser. This trick can be helpfull if you get your hands on someone computer maybe your friends and he has saved password for certain websites like gmail, facebook,yahoo etc then you can easily view his password with

How To Record Your Screen Without Software

We all know that to Record a video of your desktop screen needs a Software, those software are usually not Free but expensive. How about getting rid of software to Record your Screen? How about using a Browser-Based Screen Capture? Great isn’t it? I’m sharing with you this simple trick to Record a Video of