How To Record Your Screen Without Software

We all know that to Record a video of your desktop screen needs a Software, those software are usually not Free but expensive. How about getting rid of software to Record your Screen? How about using a Browser-Based Screen Capture? Great isn’t it? I’m sharing with you this simple trick to Record a Video of your Screen with a very easy Online Browser Based tool with many features such as: Selecting a region to record, high quality, high speed, no need to use a codec, fast video output…How to Record your Screen Online without Software

1) Go to ScreenCast-O-Matic

2) Click Start Recording

3) When asked to run Java Applet, Click Run this Time or Install the java plugin.after java is been installed refresh the page.

4) You’ll now see a new frame that you can resize and drag to the region you want to record


5) You can also customize settings by changing the resolution and other changes.

6) After setting up the frame and the correct settings, click the Red Rounded button to start recording.

Done! After finishing the record a new window appears containing the video to save

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