How to Format unformatable USB Flash Drive Using MS-DOS

Hey Friends today we will see how to format usb flash drive using MS-DOS.manny times we need to format our usb drives, people find it difficult so today reading this article you will be able to format you usb very easily,lets see the steps. 1) Click Start > Run… and type cmd in the box


Friends today we will learn how to change the processor name, this trick works in windows 8/7/vista and xp. Just follow below simple steps. Step One: Open up the Registry editor (RegEdit). First, click Start, and search RegEdit (Windows 7/Vista). Open up regedit when the search has found it. Step Two: On the left hand column

VLC Media Player Tips,Tricks and Shortcut Keys

VLC is the one of most popular media player and free software. VLC supports most of all the Audio/Video formats. VLC is compatible with MAC OS, Linux, Android, FreeBSD and other 4 different Operating systems. VLC Media Player has lot of new features but some people don’t know about this, here is the secret/hidden tricks

How to Use MS Dos In different Colors (Other Than Black)

Generally Ms Dos is in black color but if you want to use it in Different Colors just for a change then there is a trick For you. Follow the Below Simple Steps: Step 1: Click on Start > Run and then Type Cmd, Press enter. Step 2: A Command Prompt will open up just

How to Use VLC as Video Converter

VLC is one of the popular software for play video files. How many of you know that we can convert video files with VLC player. We are using different video converters to convert video files. Hereafter you don’t need to download or purchase a separate software for video converting. I’ll show you an easiest way

How to Reset Your Forgotten Password In Windows.

Guys Today we will Learn How to Reset your Forgotten Password In Windows. Often People Tend To Forget their Password of Their Windows Password. Forgetting any passoword is not fun, but luckily Here is the simple trick which i will show you to Reset your Forgotten Password. REQUIREMENTS : 1. Windows Installation Disk. 2. A

How to Speed Up a PC-Tips to Increase Windows Performance

Microsoft windows operating system has been designed to deliver better speeds.Especially Windows 8 is far better than its predecessor.However, as time passes ,the laptop/PC might tend to get slower.There might be many reasons behind slow PC performance but you can optimize the speed with some simple tweaks and using few software’s that clean your PC