VLC Media Player Tips,Tricks and Shortcut Keys

VLC is the one of most popular media player and free software. VLC supports most of all the Audio/Video formats. VLC is compatible with MAC OS, Linux, Android, FreeBSD and other 4 different Operating systems.

VLC Media Player has lot of new features but some people don’t know about this, here is the secret/hidden tricks of VLC Media Player.

1.Video Capture
VLC Media Player will allows you to video capture while working or To make video tutorials. Watch below video to know how to record screen in VLC

2.Video Conver
How to convert videos in VLC?
Open your VLC Media Player, Then Click on Media menu and click on Convert/Save.

After Clicking on Convert/Save you will get a another VLC Media Player window named as open media, Here under File menu Click on Add button [Choose file which you want to convert ]. And Click on Convert/Save button.

In the next VLC Media Player windows you have to give five destination path, and select the format that you want to convert [Using VLC you can convert it into other 13 video and audio formats new VLC Media Player]. And Click on Start button.

3. Adjustments and Effects
Fine your Computer speaker tune with graphic equalizer and also edit audio effects, Compressor, Spatializer, Video effects,  audio effects.
To make changes in graphic equalizer
Open your VLC and Press Ctrl+E or Click on Tools and Click on Effects and Filters.

4. Snapshot of Video’s
VLC allows you to take snapshot of Video Scenes, To take snapshot press Ctrl+S OR Click on Video then Take a Snapshot.

Shortcut keys for VLC Media Player

Z – Zoom mode
F – Full screen
Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down – To Increase and decrease volume
M – Mute
Ctrl+Q – To Exit from VLC
Ctrl+Right Arrow and Ctrl+Left – To Skip a 1 minute in the Audio/Video
Ctrl+Alt+Right and Ctrl+Alt+Left – To Skip a 5 Second in the Audio/Video

T – To Check Remaining time in a Video
S – To stop a video or audio.
Space button – To play or pause

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