How to protect PC from autorun.inf Virus

Every computer users know about the word Virus. Viruses can damage your important data in your computer. We use antivirus to protect our computer from viruses, but antivirus has a limitation to identify viruses.

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Mostly viruses come to PC through Internet, Pen-drive and Floppy (Nowadays most of the people are not using floppy). And we are using CD’s to transfer data between computers but CD’s not allowed to write virus file. Pen-drive is not like this, we can format it many times and we can save different data again and again. This feature helps the virus to attack the PC. So let’s see some tricks to protect the PC from virus.
We can protect the Pen-drive from viruses by doing the below mention method.
Create a “New Folder” in the Pen-drive
Rename it as autorun.inf
Then, as shown in the image put ticks on “Read only, Hidden”

Then click on OK. Now this folder will get hidden inside this pendrive. We did this because mostly virus comes to pen drive as “autorun.inf”. Already the Pen-drive has a folder named as autorun.inf (read only, hidden). So “autorun.inf” cannot enter into pen drive because already Pen-drive has fake “autorun.inf”.

We can use the above mention trick in our own Pen-drive, but in any situation if we have to use our friend’s Pen-drive in our PC, so let’s see in that situation, how to protect PC against viruses.
Press “Shift Key” before connecting the Pen-drive to the PC. By doing this, if that Pen-drive contains a virus, it will not allow to start automatically through autorun.
After this you can see a Green color arrow mark in the right side of the Task bar. This is shown that the Pen-drive has connected to PC. After that
Press Windows key + E
A window will appear
In that window select the Pen-drive and open it. (Open it by Clicking “Right Click” –> “Open”. Do not Double Click it).
If you want, scan the Pen-drive with your Antivirus before open it.
If that pendrive consist virus file….
Press Windows Key + R  
Type cmd
Then Click on OK
Now command prompt will appear
Now type your Drive letter ( example  G: )
A new window will appear. In that window
File –> Save as then Exit.
Again Press Windows Key + R
Type cmd 
Command prompt window will appear.
In that window type

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