Trick to Increase Internet Browsing Speed

Every Computer user have same problem which is slow internet connection, Today we are sharing working trick to boost your browsing speed.

Google Public DNS is free DNS resolution, which will speed up your browsing experience and it will make your Computer Internet surfing faster and more secure.

Domain Name System (DNS)
In simple words, DNS means when you type an url on your browser which will translate or convert Host names and Internet Domain into IP address.


How to Setup Google Public DNS
Here below we have described complete tutorial regarding Google DNS setup, after setting up this DNS your internet connection will speed up automatically and It will improve security.

Open Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Control > Change adapter settings
a) If you’re using LAN connection right click on Ethernet Connection and select Properties
b) If you’re using wireless connection right click on Wireless Network or Wireless Terminal and choose properties.

Now simply click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4) or Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv6), and select Properties.
Now you have to enter Preffered DNS server and Alternative DNS server
NOTE : You can enter DNS server for either (TCP/IPv4) or for (TCP/IPv6), or you can add DNS server for both.

Google Public DNS server for Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4)

Preffered DNS server :
Alternative DNS server :

Google Public DNS server for (TCP/IPv6)

Preffered DNS server : 2001:4860:4860::8888
Alternative DNS server : 2001:4860:4860::8844
After adding DNS server click on OK button.
To take changes, you need to restart your system, That’s it…


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