20 Small Business Ideas (for When You Don’t Know What Business to Start)


Starting fast food is a very profitable small business idea. Nowadays, Fast food McDonald’s, KFC and Dominos are available in the fast food industry. If you have a good place then your food is of quality and you can get more customers appreciations.

People are always like to look out new shops and new junk food cafe. But you can sure that always customers are like you and your food. You can impress more customers with your work.


This is a superb business idea. Over a few time, Coffee industry has seen big growth. With the help of coffee business, you can set your own high standard coffee cafe and earn to more money in a short time with the little investments.

Coffee shops are generally very different and a place where customers come to relax and spend to free-time with friends, relatives etc. You can turn your passion and love into a more profitable business. You can start the coffee business in a small area.


You can start your bakery business very easily even from the comfort of your home with small expenditures. If you know cooking, then you can sell more baked items such as cakes, cookies, pies etc. Or you can deliver the food to customers home.

Another way is having tie-ups with retail shops who will keep your products in their stores. However, this business will need proper planning and management, so then you can earn more profit from your business.


Starting an ice cream stand, you can get good profits. This business is a small business that can start your part-time business. You can get a fixed ice cream stand then whatever you can get more income.

This is the best idea for you because for this business you need only some area and little investments.


If you know well cooking, then you are starting a cooking class business with your great management. This business too can be started at home with little investments and requirements.

If you get more opportunities and you can achieve success. You can always start your own training center.


Fish farming is a form of aquaculture. You can the fish farming in tanks and small land. Before starting a business, you get more knowledge about fish farming.

There are different types of fish farms that utilize different aquaculture methods.

  • Irrigation ditch or pond systems
  • Composite fish culture
  • Integrated recycling system etc.

This can be a side business. If you have a short Menu or some time, then you make to the delivery person, this business can work wonders for you. These days, a lot of people prefer food to be delivered at their doorsteps due to their work schedule.

Writing or blogging about different food items or products can also be a profitable food business idea. Most people check online reviews and get more information about the food items. So, you can generate a good food review blog design where people can give to some own comments and know about your recommendations.


This is another small business that can set up in a small area with little investments. You can sell fresh juices in the market with your fresh juice shop/cart.

However, the place you choose to set up is very important to the success of the business. With the help of designing, you can excite to an increased number of your customers.


This is a great business idea for earning some extra income. For this business, you need a small flower garden. Beekeeping can use to production of various products such that honey, for candles etc. With beekeeping, you get natural and pure honey.


Duck farming is very popular and profitable business. Ducks are highly available around the world. There are widely used meat and egg available in the world that’s productive by ducks. And some of them have been domesticated as a good source of food

Thousands of ducks can be raised without water by keeping them inside the house. So, you can choose this business and you can earn more money with this business.


Poultry (chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys) can be kept by individuals in a garden or on an allotment, or intensive farming production systems with a large area and high turn-over.

More facilities are:

  • It is very easy to care for the birds.
  • Very easy to collect and clean eggs.
  • Requires less feed to produce eggs.
  • The birds suffer less by internal parasites.
  • Labor cost is very low.

So, this business very profitable for more money earned in a short time.

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• Stitching and alteration Business:

If you want to start your own sewing and alterations business then this idea is best for you. You prove that you are a good business person. If you enjoy the stitching, you might like a business specializing in altering or repairing garments. So, you don’t need any degree and any training. You will need to start your work with proper time and a place. You can provide the various services such that:

  • Stitching
  • Cutting
  • Alteration etc.

Wood business is a very famous business. You can open a woodwork retail store and indoor furniture. If woodwork, woodcraft, and so on are in huge demand in your local, then you should open your own retail store where you can sell woodcraft and woodwork etc.

For your business, you choose the unique place where all customers notice to easy and buy your products. Indoor furniture such as cupboards, sofa set, kitchen cupboards etc. Wood products are very costly than other types of products. And you can earn a huge profit.


This is a better business for you. You can start manufacturing of some products such as the bat, ball, chess, carom, football etc. You can sell the sports jerseys at the public place.

All generations love it and mainly children are like to so many sports things.


Manufacturing of paper is not requiring much capital investment. With little investments, you can start a business.

Paper is something that is widely used in many sectors and many factories and especially in the education sector. With this business, you can earn more profit and can never fail.


Nowadays, no any company that does not have a website. In fact today’s, more need to design websites and create more web designs.

You can become a web or Graphic designer by doing specific graphic design jobs online course and then approach different companies for work and can earn more money in a short period.


Many products are making by leather such as belts, shoes, wallets, bags etc. Nowadays, these products are selling on high demand.

You can start your small business by manufacturing leather items as they have large market potential and you can need to get little investments.


Blogs have become the most powerful ways of communicating online. So, you can generate effective and graphic blogs. You can easily create a professional blog using WordPress themes.

With the help of blog business, you can make a famous blogger and earn more money with small efforts. If you have a good knowledge about writing then you can start the content business.


As the online industry gains more activities, content marketing has become the center of it all. So, there has been a much need of copywriters. This is the most profitable small business ideas for people who have good writing skills.


This business is the best option for a small business because you can start this business with you another business. For this business, you have to some knowledge and the small area where you taught to students.

With this business, you can start another extra business.

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